Community Hospital Legacy Board Solicitation

The Board of CMC, Inc., the residual entity of the sale of Community Medical Center’s assets, is seeking nominations and recommendations for the Community Hospital Legacy Foundation Board of Directors. The Community Hospital Legacy Foundation is the new private foundation being formed to oversee the endowment created from the Community Medical Center sale proceeds and will continue its healthcare mission in Western Montana.  Six qualified persons from Missoula and western Montana (see exhibit a-4 service area) will be selected to serve various terms on this volunteer, healthcare-focused foundation.

According to the terms of an agreement with the Attorney General, three former directors of Community Medical Center, which will be a minority of the Board members, will serve on this Board. Those three people have already been identified and include two physicians, Mike Stewart and Jay Lowder, with Robert Phillips rounding out the former Community Medical Center members. The Foundation shall at all times have at least one physician and a maximum of two clinical healthcare providers as Board members. Therefore, at this time all of the positions for clinical healthcare providers have been filled, so currently active clinical healthcare providers may apply for consideration for future openings on the Board or other to-be-identified positions. Non-clinical, public health professionals are encouraged to apply for current Board openings. Officers, Directors, and staff members of Community Medical Center, CMC, Inc., RegionalCare and Billings Clinic are ineligible to serve as a Board member due to potential conflict of interest, with the exception of physicians or mid-levels who are employed by Community Physicians Group (or its successor).

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • Interest in public health issues and familiarity with those issues in Western Montana;
  • Objectivity and impartiality;
  • A willingness and ability to commit time and thought to the Foundation’s affairs; and
  • A commitment to the Foundation as a whole and not to a special interest.

The Board will be comprised of individuals with special and relevant knowledge, expertise, skills, and experience to bring value to the operation of the Foundation and its mission.  This will include individuals who possess these qualities in the areas of investments and asset management, accounting, finance, law, non-profit administration, clinical healthcare, public health and healthcare administration.

With a limited number of Board positions available, interested individuals may be called on to fill Board or other positions as they come available.

Interested persons should submit resumes and letters of interest to the following address by February 16, 2015:

CMC, Inc.
PO Box 4091
Missoula, MT 59806-4091

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